Equinox has extensive expertise in the field of nutraceutical formulations, and offer a vast spectrum of capabilities to tailor products to your specific needs. We can provide assistance at every stage of a formulation project – giving you a competitive edge over your competition. Alternatively, Equinox’s range of Private Label Products can be used for a variety of applications.


The quality of the finished product starts at the source. Equinox has strategic partnerships with herbal, nutraceutical, vitamin and fine chemical producers. We subject all raw materials to a very careful selection and rigorous quality control process to ensure that any product you purchase from Equinox is of superior quality.


We specialize in encapsulation. Equinox has invested in state-of-the-art encapsulation equipment to service the demanding needs of our customers and provide the highest quality of finished capsules. Our team has extensive experience dealing with a wide spectrum of powders and maximizing the yield in each stage of the manufacturing process.

Equinox is equipped to support small and large orders with quick turnaround times. Each team member is trained to follow strict quality standards to ensure the finished capsule adheres to all customer specifications.


Equinox has the capability to accommodate a range of batch sizes from small pilot-sized to large commercial-sized batches. We are uniquely equipped and specialized in blending, filling and packaging any powder product.


Equinox has recently expanded packaging operations to support the demanding needs of our customers. Modernizing our operation and expanding our packaging capabilities is necessary to provide options for our customers and allows Equinox to maintain product quality and quick turnaround times. Our packaging lines follow strict quality control measures to ensure strict compliance with customer specifications.


We invest heavily in our quality assurance processes, and follow strict GMP guidelines for ingredients, manufacturing and end product quality. We are audited regularly by industry authorities, which ensure that we are always in strict compliance with all the applicable safety and quality laws, standards and regulations that govern our industry.


We deliver a turnkey supplement fulfillment solution to maximize your marketing spend and achieve your business goals. Our robust order processing and distribution platform ensures a seamless experience for your valued customers. We pride ourselves on our work ethic. We will do what it takes to deliver what we promise.