Probiotic 20 Billion CFU

Bottle Information 30ct.

Serving Size: 1 Capsules
Capsules per Container: 30
Bottle Color: White
Bottle Size: 150cc
Lid Color: White

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Serving Size: Any

Capsules per Container:
• 30
• 60
• 90
• 120
• 180

Bottle Color:
• White
• Black
• Amber
• Cobalt Blue

Bottle Size:
• 120cc
• 150cc
• 175cc
• 200cc
• 250cc
• 300cc

Lid Color:
• White
• Black
• Gold
• Silver

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Probiotic 20B

Our Private Label Probiotics Supplement is a blend of 4 strains (20 billion organisms) of Probiotic Bacteria. Our Probiotic supplement is designed to provide a high potency and balance of beneficial bacteria. By taking this product on a regular basis, Probiotic 20B can help assist in maintaining healthy intestinal flora. This White Label Probiotics Supplement also contains FOS to help with healthy growth of acidophilus and bifidus organisms.

Benefits of Probiotic 20B

Boost Immune System

Promotes Good Flora

Relieves Fatigue

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