Private Label Sandalwood Essential Oil

Private Label Sandalwood Essential Oil

Essential Oils

Bottle Size: 15ml
Drops Per Bottle: 250
Bottle Color: Amber
Lid Color: Black


The santalum album is a parasitic tree that grows natively in India, where it is prized for its use in spiritual and natural healing. Our sandalwood is steam-distilled from ethically sourced wood. Sandalwood is very beneficial to the skin; it can help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and it promotes a healthy, smooth complexion. Sandalwood has a sweet, woody aroma that can enhance mood and is frequently used in meditation for its grounding effects.

Benefits of Sandalwood

Improves Skin Appearance

Reduces Scars & Imperfections

Enhances Mood

Grounding & Uplifting Properties

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