Keto Test Strips

Private Label Keto Test Strips

Bottle Information

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Capsules per Container: 60
Bottle Color: White
Bottle Size: 150cc
Lid Color: White
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Serving Size: Any

Capsules per Container:
• 30
• 60
• 90
• 120
• 180

Bottle Color:
• White
• Black
• Amber
• Cobalt Blue

Bottle Size:
• 120cc
• 150cc
• 175cc
• 200cc
• 250cc
• 300cc

Lid Color:
• White
• Black
• Gold
• Silver

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Keto Test Strips

Our Private Label Keto Test Strips urine testing strips are the quickest, easiest way to test for ketones in urine. The human body can choose between two types of fuel, one of them being ketone bodies. Being in ketosis generates elevated levels of ketones, which are detectable in the breath, urine, and blood. Ketone Hydration and amount of time spent in ketosis may affect results of the White Label Keto Test Strips.

Benefits of Keto Test Strips

Real time Testings

Quick Assessments

Easy to Read Color Chart

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