Private Label Geranium Essential Oil

Private Label Geranium Essential Oil

Essential Oils

Bottle Size: 15ml
Drops Per Bottle: 250
Bottle Color: Amber
Lid Color: Black


Our Private Label Geranium Essential Oil is a member of the Pelargonium genus of flower species, geraniums are grown for their beauty and as a staple of the perfume industry due to its’ strong, sweet smell. While there are over 200 different varieties of Pelargonium flowers, only a few are used as essential oils. In some locations, geranium plants grow more like trees, with massive stalks and flowers year-round, reaching up to 10 feet tall; our White Label Geranium Essential Oil comes from leaves and flowers of the pelargonium graveolens plant grown in Egypt. As an essential oil, Geranium has been used to promote the appearance of clear skin and healthy hair—making it ideal for skin and hair care products. As well as helping to calm nerves and lessen feelings of stress, our Private Label Geranium Essential Oil is also known to naturally repel insects.

Benefits of Geranium

Naturally Repels Insects

Adds Vibrance to Hair

Improves Skin Appearance

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