At Equinox encapsulation is our specialty with more then 25 years of experience! We have invested in state-of-the-art automated encapsulation equipment to service the demanding needs of our customers and provide the highest quality of finished capsules.

Our team has extensive experience in contract manufacturing encapsulation by dealing with a wide spectrum of powders and maximizing the yield in each stage of the manufacturing process.

At Equinox we offer two types we offer two encapsulation options to serve our clients needs: Gelatin encapsulation and Veggie-Cap encapsulation.

Along with encapsulation we also offer tablet presses and soft gel. For more information give us a call or request a quote.

Our encapsulation machinery works efficiently by feeding capsules into the machine, separating the capsule, filling with powder granules, closing the capsules, and discharging the finished product.

Using these machines versus manual processes greatly increases efficiency, therefore, saving our clients time and money.

We are equipped to support small orders on house blends and large orders with quick turnaround times. each team member is trained to follow strict GMP  and quality standards to ensure the finished capsule adhere to all customer specifications.