Do Supplements Expire? How to Extend Supplement Shelf Life

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In one study performed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they found that both prescription and over-the-counter were perfectly good to use even 15 years after the expiration date. With that being said, how do you know if you should throw out your company’s supplement stock or ask for a shelf life extension?

In today’s article, we are going to talk about all things related to shelf life expiration and re-certifications. We will also talk about some of our white-label products. Let’s dive in.

Do Supplements Expire?

All supplements have a shelf life due to various factors including potency, health risks, and bacterial growth. (Shelf life varies from supplement to supplement.)

So, yes. Supplements can expire, but you can also request a shelf life extension if there is acceptable data showcasing that the supplement life can be extended past the original shelf life or not.

On average, supplements have a shelf life of 2-years according to the FDA.

Supplement Expiration Considerations

Although supplement life can be extended, there are a few factors to consider: potency and health risks. Here are some things to think about before extending (or not extending) the shelf life of your health products.


One factor that can be affected past the shelf life is potency. Does the product work like it should even after the expiration date? Has the potency of the product lessened?

Before applying for a shelf life extension, most suppliers should know if the potency of supplements or medication will be affected or not. Another factor to consider is if the product has been stored properly. If you’ve kept your supplements in a warm, moist place, they may have been exposed to too much moisture, which can cause them to break down and lose their effectiveness.

At Equinox Nutra, we know our supplements back to front. So if we need to apply for a shelf life re-certification, rest assured you know that the potency is still up to standard and will continue to give the same positive benefits as if it were fresh off the line.

Health Risks

If a drug has degraded or is not stored in the right conditions, expired medication or supplements can cause health risks for consumers. As a consumer, it’s always important to know the risks of anything that you consume, but if a medication goes through rigorous testing to get its shelf life re-certified, the chances of health risks are low.

By working with us, we promise to only bring you top-quality supplements, that only bring your consumers positive health benefits. No risks. Our lab specialists work around the clock to keep your customers healthy—even if we request a supplement shelf life extension from the FDA.

How to Re-Certify (or Extend) Supplement Shelf Life

There is a shelf life to many supplements like multivitamins, but there are also ways to re-certify (or extend) the shelf life of your supplements. Through the FDA and GMP certifications, you can legally extend your supplements past the shelf life date if there is enough testing and data that proves that it is safe to do so.

About the Shelf Life Extension Program (SLEP)

Established in 1986, the FDA Shelf Life Extension Program was created in order to ensure emergency preparedness in the States. Additionally, some local and state governments also have their own stockpile of medications to stay prepared in the case of a regional emergency.

Because replacing the full stock of medication can be both costly and time-consuming for suppliers, this program enables companies to continue to sell products past the shelf life while adhering to consumer safety regulations.

To apply for SLEP, you must undergo periodic stability testing to ensure the potency and safety of products that have exceeded the recommended shelf life. If you want to learn more, visit the FDA’s website to see how you can start the shelf life re-certification process.

The Equinox Difference: Quality Supplements for a Healthier Tomorrow

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Partner with a Trusted Supplement Supplier

In conclusion, supplements do have an expiration date—but the shelf life can be extended by the FDA.

By working with a trusted supplement partner like Equinox Nutra, you know that every product you place on your shelf is safe to sell for individual consumption. Additionally, we handle working with the confusing FDA paperwork for you so you can get back to performing other value-added tasks within your business.

Are you looking to work with a white-label or private-label supplement supplier based in the U.S.? Connect with our team here at Equinox Nutra today to begin the conversation!