Contract Manufacturing

Formulation, Manufacturing, and Fulfillment

From Research & Development through Product Delivery, we have innovative and cost-effective solutions you need in Contract Manufacturing. At Equinox, we specialize in formulating and manufacturing encapsulated products, and in consistent, on-time fulfillment of orders for both custom products and private label (white label) products.

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How Contract Manufacturing Works

Manufactured in the USA, we offer a comprehensive suite of contract manufacturing services to take your supplement products from concept to shelf. Here, we provide R&D, manufacturing, testing, labeling, and fulfillment. Let’s discuss each of these steps in the Equinox Nutra manufacturing process.

1. Research and Development (R&D)

Our scientists work diligently to create the exact formula you are looking to add to your product line — while meeting nutraceutical compliance standards. With extensive research, we bring you product options you’ll be proud to add to the product mix. We can either use the raw ingredients you provide or organic, non-GMO ingredients from our trusted suppliers. Either way, we are here to make the process seamless while bringing your vision to life.


We have years of experience collaborating with our global partners to ensure we use the highest quality ingredients in all your products. We have developed relationships with organic, non-GMO, certified suppliers to make products with the purest raw materials. This is a marketing edge we build into the products that set you apart from the competition.

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2. Manufacturing

After your products have been formulated by our R&D team, we begin the manufacturing process with our state-of-the-art equipment. We have a wide variety of machines to manufacture and package your supplements. When manufacturing the product, we add the pure, raw ingredients to our easy-to-swallow capsules to give your customers the quality supplements they expect. Using state-of-the-art equipment and processes, we carefully blend the raw materials, encapsulate, bottle, and label.

3. Testing

Supplement scientists in Research and Development labWe take quality-control testing seriously. That is why we conduct a randomized test on each lot we manufacture in our facilities. To us, quality is essential in the supplement industry. From start to finish, our teams are on the lookout for anything that is out of the ordinary to ensure both the quality and safety of your natural supplements. Our operations are FDA-registered and cGMP compliant through the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). In addition to our in-house facilities, we use a third-party ISO Certified Laboratory to conduct testing as well.


4. Labeling

You may have a great supplement product, but your target customer may never know it if you don’t have an eye-grabbing label to go alongside it. In a sea of supplement bottles on a shelf, it is important to make a design that stands out among the crowd. Whether you are looking to create a custom formula or choose from one of our stock products, we provide you with the Supplement Facts and Ingredients lists so that you can design, print, and deliver your branded labels to our facilities. We will then take your labels and adhere them to the supplement bottles for you!

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5. Fulfillment

No matter the size of your business, we are here to help! From larger enterprises to smaller dropshipping businesses, all of us here at Equinox Nutra are known for going above and beyond in supporting your business ventures. Part of that commitment to you includes offering fulfillment services. This means that we deal with logistics and the on-time delivery aspect of your products while you get to invest time into other facets of your operations.

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Why You Should Choose Equinox Nutra

We Take Pride in Using the Purest Raw Materials

Looking for premium ingredients for your nutritional supplements? Look no further. At Equinox Nutra, We only work with suppliers who provide organic, non-GMO ingredients. This means that you know that your end consumers are getting the highest quality of ingredients each and every time!

We’re Your “One-Stop-Shop” for Contract Manufacturing

Contract supplement manufacturing is our specialty. Everything from R&D to manufacturing to fulfillment—we do it all. We are committed to meeting (and exceeding) your expectations because you aren’t just another company to us. When you work with us, we’ll be your one-stop-shop for all of your supplement needs.

Our Customer Service Team is Here for YOU

When partnering with us, you will get a personalized, up-to-date progress report for each project. A pre-assigned team member will be there for you every step of the way to make sure we are hitting your target goals and that there are no delays in the production timeline or process.

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Made in USA Premium Quality

FDA Registered Facility

Ready to Get Started?

Our team of supplement specialists knows the industry inside-out. As the industry proceeds forward, we are here to keep bringing you products that you are proud to call your own. If you want to develop your own product, but you’re uncertain about which vendor to contact, how to get samples, or what your different fulfillment package options are, then it’s time to reach out!

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“Running a supplement business that has grown from $80k a month in sales to $450k a month in sales has been a challenge. Each step of the way, Equinox Nutraceuticals and their team of professionals have been there to help us grow effectively and manage the supply chain. Thanks Equinox for being a great part of the story and here is to growing to $1m a month!"

Chris W., Chief Executive, USP Inc.

“Our company has been an Equinox customer for going on 3 years now. As our manufacturing and fulfillment partner, I am thoroughly satisfied with its performance. As our manufacturer, Equinox provides the highest quality product, at a competitive cost and meets its deliverable timelines. As our fulfillment house, Equinox delivers on time as we have had no customer complaints on timeline of receipt of our products."

Harry H. Chief Executive Officer RCR, Inc.