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If you resell manufactured products under your brand there are two ways to go about this—white labeling and private labeling. People use these two terms interchangeably because they both involve contract manufacturing.

However, the words have distinct differences. Although you end up reselling products using your label, there are differences in limitations and provisions for each kind of labeling. Understanding these dissimilarities can help you decide the right method for your business.

Differences in Definition

White label is the resale of generic products using your label. In other words, you buy a finished product, rebrand, and sell. You have no rights or exclusivity over the final good.

In contrast, a private label allows you to give production specifications. The contracted manufacturer adheres to your list of ingredients or production processes. You own exclusive rights over the final product.

If you want to resell nutritional supplements under your label, you can outsource our services. At Equinox, we manufacture nutraceuticals as white or private labels. When you partner with us, there is no loss taking either type of labeling because of the degree of excellence in our manufacturing process.

We produce quality supplements. By maintaining the highest manufacturing standards, we reduce your workload to conducting extensive marketing to reach more consumers. Either type of labeling is beneficial in the long run—with us on your corner.

Distinctions in Ownership

The white-label product belongs to the contracted manufacturer, not to the reseller. The producer is in charge of the entire production process. For instance, they determine the ingredients, product consistency, colors, smell, texture, and so forth.

The manufacturer produces the goods en-masses and sells the final unbranded output to different resellers. A reseller can only repackage the product and sell it as their own.

However, the reseller cannot:

  • Restrain the manufacturer from selling the product to other retailers.
  • Give opinions about the product contents.
  • Patent the product as their own.
  • Modify the product or create unique variations.

On the other hand, private label products belong to the private label company. The manufacturer oversees the manufacturing process. The private label company has veto rights over the production process.

The manufacturer cannot:

  • Sell the products to other retailers.
  • Include preferences on contents, ingredients, or characteristics of the product.
  • Make decisions regarding the product without consulting the private label company.

Differences in Product Uniqueness

For white labeling, the product is generic. Many competing resellers sell the same product with different branding. However, there is nothing special about the product apart from the packaging.

At Equinox Nutraceuticals, we also provide quality packaging services. Since packaging is among the characteristics that distinguish your product, capitalizing on it is a wise move.

Additionally, your marketing skills come in handy when selling white label products. Ultimately, your clients choose you because they are loyal to your brand. Therefore, invest in marketing the product.

When it comes to uniqueness, private labeling gets the upper hand. We manufacture private label supplements using your specifications. We may offer advice or recommendations, but ultimately you provide the direction.

The final output is unique to your brand. Anybody reselling the product must use your label. Thus, the private label lets you sell your invention without the burden of manufacturing.

Variations in Pricing

When it comes to costs, white-label production takes the upper hand. It is much cheaper to purchase and resell white-label goods. The manufacturer explains the features, contents, and manufacturing process. You decide if this is good for your brand, make purchases, brand the output, and sell.

There are no deliberations on the manufacturing process. The product does not require additional tests or fine-tuning because it is already a finished good. Thus, costs are straightforward.

In contrast, private labels are more pricey because of the work that goes into research and development. The raw materials need testing to analyze if they perform the specified functions or work together. Lab work is also necessary to examine allergies or other bodily reactions. There is also testing for product stability and cohesion of ingredients.

Your product is new. Therefore, we must analyze the formulation. In the nutraceutical industry, a product can quickly become harmful with the wrong concentrations, list of ingredients, and content combination. We test, produce samples, and present them to you for approval before manufacturing.

A white label product has the advantage of already being in existence. The good is already in use. However, your private label good is unknown. The manufacturer’s lab work is the first to discover its use. The production costs increase because of the additional work.

Contact Us for Contract Manufacturing

Regardless of the type of labeling you choose, the quality of the product depends on the contracted manufacturer. At Equinox Nutraceuticals, we are experts at producing nutritional supplements. We have a fully-fitted lab, top-quality equipment, and a vetted team to ensure quality throughout the stages of production.

Our experience and knowledge in the market have given us a clear understanding of consumer needs. Therefore, our white label products are equally on demand. Our clients trust us to manufacture outstanding products from their formulations. We also provide packaging and after-sale services so that you can focus exclusively on marketing.

Partner with us today to expand your product line through white or private labels. Call us for consultations or a free quote at (877) 310-1800.

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The nutraceuticals industry is dynamic. With research at the core of the industry’s operations, innovation is pertinent. Additionally, today’s consumer is informed about a product’s constituents. Therefore, due diligence is pertinent in this business sector. Investing in research and development while looking into other production costs is expensive, exhausting, and time-consuming. Want to sell outstanding supplements without breaking the bank? Private label manufacturing is the perfect solution for you.

Selling private label supplements enables you to put your brand name on quality generic products, make profits, and build your business affordably. You only need to partner with a reputable manufacturer that produces well-formulated products with evidence of quality and efficacy. If you are looking to contract a supplement manufacturer, try Equinox Nutraceutical.

Equinox Nutraceutical is a cGMP-certified and FDA-registered supplement manufacturer guaranteed to turn your formulation into success. At Equinox, work begins with research and development to source ingredients that work and maintain quality. The raw materials are then mixed and blended using advanced equipment. The homogenized blend is encapsulated and lab tested for quality assurance. Equinox also packages, labels, and distributes your product.

With the burden of production removed, you can concentrate on marketing your product. If you already have a ready market and a formidable business idea, you can contact Equinox Nutraceutical for more information.

Here are five advantages of selling private label products.

1. Expand Your Product Line

Supplement productExpanding your product line is a tried and tested business strategy for maintaining traction in the market. Businesses, especially in the nutraceutical industry, cannot thrive on one type of product. The industry is inconstant and renders products obsolete quickly. Therefore, adding to your product line is an ingenious way of maintaining market value.

Additionally, different related products appeal to wider demography – boosting your market share. Furthermore, it keeps you ahead of the competition, which is always on your toes, seeking to improve existing products. If you are not increasing your product line, a competitor is probably doing it for you.

Private label manufacturing eases the process of adding new products to your current lineup. Thus, making you kill two birds with one stone. You can concentrate on meeting your sales goals on existing products while simultaneously expanding your market. The novel product also drives up sales by supporting the product line. Furthermore, consumers are more likely to purchase new products from a brand they already know.

2. Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awarenessThe Nielsen 2021 report shows an increasing public demand for private label products. Gone are the days when private labeled products were the cheap alternative to a coveted commodity. Your customer base already trusts the quality of your products and is loyal to you because your reputation precedes you. A private label product enables you to capitalize on this loyalty.

Furthermore, having a product fortifies your brand’s credibility and introduces you to new customers. It shows that you are a master of your trade. When it comes to nutrition, there is a lot of misinformation going around. Your influence should go beyond recommending other brands. With a private label manufacturer, you can put your name on the shelf and increase your brand’s recognition.

3. Safe Professional-Grade Products

Safe organic ingredientsHaving a formidable business idea and transforming it into reality are two extremes of the spectrum. The latter is plagued with a lot of intricacies, while the former is easy. In the world of diet and nutrition, your product’s quality is judged by its impact on the customer’s health. In other words, without tangible results, trust is lost quickly. Packaging and product stability are equally significant.

Private label manufacturing ensures you get top-notch products. Assessment is done even before producing your commodity en masse for proof of efficiency. Additionally, your contracted manufacturer is accreditated and approved by authorities to manufacture goods. They also uphold ethical standards in their production process. They have the needed machinery and space to produce quality products.

Furthermore, your contracted manufacturer conducts the necessary testing to ensure your product meets all the required standards. Therefore, your product’s quality is assured. The most important of these benefits is you get professional-grade products hassle-free.

4. Cost Savings

Cost savings: open hand and dollar billManufacturing is capital and labor-intensive. It goes beyond setting up a factory with workers. Before that, there is a lot of planning—which still costs a lot of time and money. The business is not going to run smoothly even if these resources are at your disposal. Setting up a manufacturing plant is a long-term project. You must deliberate on the business location, supplementary constructions, purchasing the required infrastructure, and hiring the right staff team. There are also business permits and regulation fees.

These costs do not even include the product itself, which requires testing, raw material assessment, and efficacy verification. A chemist or two onboard to research, experiment, and ascertain the integrity of the ingredients together, product preservation and stabilization, mechanism of action in the body, and shelf-life is also a vital necessity. Thus, you cut down on costs by selling private label supplements instead of producing them yourself. Ultimately, the private label product still carries your brand.

A private label manufacturer already has a factory, workforce, team of experts, and machinery. They also take care of the overhead production costs. Most importantly, they have experience in producing quality goods.

Equinox Nutraceutical goes the extra mile to provide fulfillment and distribution services for you. Your clients get professional-grade goods—excellently packaged—delivered to their doorstep. All business transactions are transparent, and there is documentation on every dime spent. All that is required of you is to present a formulation that sells and capital, which is considerably subsidized compared to the actual production costs. Your burden of work is to market your product.

5. Revenue Increase

Revenue increase chart for private label productsSelling private label products grows your income in several ways. Selling pre-made products expands your market share by bringing in new customers. Outsourcing your own formula for manufacturing has higher-profit margins.

The added value goes beyond earning money—it also gives you exclusive rights to selling your product. Thus, all revenue collected is yours—you meet all consumer demands. When you are the wholesaler, giving retailers limited access to your products earns you additional income. You only need excellent marketing strategies to increase consumer demand. Eventually, your product success provides an opportunity to scale your business. The product can morph into a product line, giving you additional streams of income.

Give Private Label Manufacturing a Try

You already have a ready market for selling products online. Your influence, brand following, and expertise on nutraceuticals are capital that monetizes. Equinox Nutraceutical can turn your idea into something profitable because manufacturing nutraceuticals are our specialty.

For more information on our services, contact us or call (877) 310 1800. You can also schedule an in-person meeting.