A Ketogenic Diet – How Do I Know I’m In Ketosis?

There isn’t a lot of talk out there on the importance of blood ketone testing, but when following a ketogenic diet, it is essential to check your ketones.

Ketosis is a very powerful process and can drastically affect your way of living in the best way possible.  Unless you’ve performed a ketone test, you probably don’t know, and won’t know when your body is in full ketosis.

The ketone test finds one of three types of ketone bodies: acetone, acetoacetate, and beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB).  These bodies can be measured in two main ways: blood and urine.

Optimal levels of these bodies vary by person, which is why it’s important to use these ketone tests to find what works for you and your lifestyle!


When in ketosis, rather than your body depending on carbohydrates as a form of energy, it relies on fats for fuel!  As your body breaks down these fats, it creates molecules called ketone bodies (or ketones). Because you are consuming low carbohydrates and replacing it with fats, “more fat is metabolized, and a greater quantity of ketones are created.” Coincidentally, fat fasting can aid in an even deeper ketosis.

As your body grows accustomed to using ketones for energy, you may experience the keto flu: a few-day hiccup on your path to ketosis.

There are several symptoms that come with being in ketosis that indicate you’re on the right track! These symptoms include:

– Feeling full for longer periods of time; not feeling a need to snack throughout the day

– A clear mind; free from “brain fog”

– Feeling thirsty and/or having a dry mouth

– Acetone taste in your mouth; smell of acetone on your breath

– Feeling more energetic for longer periods of time


Blood ketone testing is an accurate form of measuring BHB ketone bodies -“a critical ketone your body makes and converts to energy.”  Be warned: this option is not for those who are squeamish of blood!  Blood ketone levels are measured in mmol/L.  For most people, “optimal ranges of BHB levels are between 1.50-3.0 mmol/L.”

The monitors work like a diabetes test: prick your finger, put the blood on the testing strip, and viola!  The meter will provide you with a measurement of the bodies in your blood.


Urine ketone testing is often easier, cheaper, and readily available.  This process is non-invasive and won’t leave any blood dribbling out of your finger!  To ensure the accuracy of the reading, be sure to stay hydrated prior to the testing.

This option is possible because your ketone levels significantly increase when you cut down on carbohydrates; once this happens, your body produces more ketone bodies which need a way of disposal.  A bonus, urine test strips are significantly cheaper than purchasing a blood monitor.

Equinox Nutraceutical offers urine-ketone test strips which notify you that you’re in ketosis by changing colors on the strip.  This product is the perfect accompaniment to our Keto Pro Blend and Keto BHB.


– Fall into ketosis faster than ever possible without supplementation

– See long-term results

– Amplify your weight-loss

– Provide your brain and body mental clarity

– Offset carbohydrates for exercise


For diabetics, as well as many others, you can rest assured; ketosis is not the same as ketoacidosis!  Often, the two conditions can be mixed up for the other because of their similar qualities.  Although, the difference between the two has to do with quantity.

If you follow your ketogenic diet and ease your body into full ketosis, you will find a number of benefits: more fat burn, reduced hunger, and stabilized blood sugar.  Your body is put into an extremely high fat-burning state which utilizes fat for energy rather than carbs, resulting in your higher fat burn rate.  When eating foods high in fat, protein and fiber- your body will be more satisfied and will never go hungry; because your diet is low carb, you will also eliminate sugar spikes and regulate a stabilized blood sugar.



Ketone testing is a great method to ensure you’re in ketosis and gives you deeper insight into what may be keeping you in OR kicking you out of ketosis.  Think of ketone testing as an accountability buddy, if you will: doing so will help keep you on track and motivated to follow a ketogenic diet and remain in ketosis!


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