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Nutraceuticals or ‘bioCeuticals’ are dietary supplements or body products derived from natural food products. The idea of using food in this medicinal manner goes back nearly three thousand years. Hippocrates, a famous ancient Greek physician, stated “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Due to the obvious benefit of healthy foods, the history of nutraceuticals has been one of constant and consistent growth. As a society, we recognize the medicinal power of natural whole foods.

Nature has graced us by providing the vitamins and minerals we need in the food we eat. We’ve proven to be rather creative in finding ways to consume them more efficiently. Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle doesn’t always allow one to spend sufficient time preparing nutritionally complete meals, making nutraceuticals a necessary part of the human diet.

The manufacturing of nutraceuticals is a delicate and diligent process governed by industry-wide regulatory mandates and sourcing standards. Naturally, these high industry standards render companies in today’s modern marketplace with great obstacles to overcome.

The Challenges of Nutraceutical Manufacturing

Many nutraceutical companies today are challenged to meet the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). The wide array of regulatory mandates and sourcing standards cause significant difficulties for the nutraceutical business model. Companies struggle greatly to meet these standards while simultaneously trying to take care of the branding, marketing, and sales aspects of their business.

This ultimately renders unwanted costs to the company. Extra time is spent studying the government-enforced guidelines, money is spent on the materials necessary to meet these guidelines, and resources are subtracted from other aspects of the overall business process.

Time Spent on Understanding Guidelines

Becoming a cGMP facility requires an untold degree of time and effort. Simply familiarizing yourself with all of the requirements is already a considerably heavy task. Likewise, undergoing inspection and meeting the certification requirements multiplies the workload for nutraceutical companies striving to survive in today’s landscape.

Sourcing Materials and Equipment

The high standard for material sourcing creates many challenges for nutraceutical businesses. For example, finding reliable suppliers who comply with domestic standards takes talent, time, and effort. Additionally, companies trying to intelligently divide resources between the various departments leaves fewer resources for branding, marketing, and sales tasks.

Considering the fact that you’ll be competing with other businesses with access to state-of-the-art machinery, it might be a more strategic option to consider contract manufacturing for your nutraceutical products.

High Opportunity Cost

The term “opportunity cost” can be defined as “the loss of other alternatives when one alternative is chosen.” In regards to your business model, this refers to the resources subtracted from your branding, marketing, and sales activities as a result of having to deal with the high regulatory standards imposed on the nutraceutical industry.

The Benefits of Nutraceutical Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing nutraceutical products

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Contract manufacturing is when a company outsources manufacturing activities to another company that specializes in producing what they’re selling. It’s designed to help you reduce the time and cost involved with creating competitive nutraceutical products. Rather than starting at the beginning and competing with businesses that are already well-established in the industry, our nutraceutical contract manufacturing services ensure superior, market-standard products at no extra cost to your time. So, what are the benefits of outsourcing your nutraceutical manufacturing?

More Time Spent Generating Profit

Producing a quality nutraceutical requires refining each of the many steps in the production process. The process begins with sourcing quality raw materials from trusted suppliers. The raw materials then need to be mixed in state-of-the-art blending machinery, encapsulated, and bottled. Every stage in the process requires specialized expertise, talent, and time.

Without the heavy costs to your time and finances, you’ll be able to focus on profit-generating activities such as marketing and driving sales. Every aspect of product business is costly, the aim is to generate more profit to justify these costs. You can omit costs on materials, material sourcing, equipment, space for production, and so much more.

Competitive Products Made by Industry Specialists

Even if you have the extra resources needed to manufacture everything in-house, the likelihood that your product will meet the top of industry-standard is considerably lowered. Remember, you’re competing with specialists with decades of expertise and experience in the industry. By outsourcing your production to a contract manufacturer, your brand will become known for the substantial product behind its name.

Creating Value Through Strategic Partnership

When you enter into a strategic collaboration, you create value by dividing tasks and sharing resources. Likewise, partnering with a contract manufacturer opens the doors to many opportunities which would be otherwise inaccessible. A good partnership is all about creating mutually beneficial solutions that leave both parties at an advantage over their competitors.

At Equinox, we place an extremely high value on product quality, service, and transparency. We succeed by excelling at what we do and realize that our success depends wholly on the success of our partners—something we work hard to achieve.

Why Choose Equinox?

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We have an impressive history and track record of creating products that excel in the market. From dietary supplements and beauty skin care products to sports and workout supplements, we offer a wide range of stock products that you can feel confident with.

We provide a start-to-finish contract manufacturing service that involves component sourcing, product formulation, and packaging to clients. Because Equinox harbors a reservoir of talented experts with competitive nutraceutical experience, you naturally benefit. Consequently, choosing us as your nutraceutical manufacturing partner gives you an undeniable advantage over your competitors.

Custom Contract Manufacturing With Equinox

Uniqueness is something we value greatly at Equinox. We understand that products that stand out from their competitors drive sales. That’s why we offer custom contract manufacturing services to our partners. You might have a unique idea for a new product but aren’t sure how to go about creating it. We can help you.

Our years of nutraceutical experience have resulted in many strategic partnerships with industry experts. We have all of the necessary tools and resources to bring your product idea to fruition. Additionally, we have the means to manufacture it to an incredible standard. Let us help you achieve your perfect product blend.

Find Out More About Our Services

Considering the many challenges faced by today’s nutraceutical industry and the many benefits of outsourcing production, finding a strategic partnership might be the better option. Find out more about our services or contact us now for a free quote. We’re ready to make your business model more efficient so that you can focus on driving sales.